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Aafat Cast, Actor & Actress, Choreographer, All Details

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Aafat Movie Name & Cast - In this article we will tell you Aafat Song Movie Name and its Cast Details like Actor Name and Actress Name, Singer Name & Choreographer Name, Lyrics of the song. we will give you all Information's about Aafat Song.

Aafat Song Cast, Singer & Choreographer Name 

  • Singers - Zahrah S. Khan and Tanishk Bagchi
  • Composer - Tanishk Bagchi
  • Lyrics - Rashmi Virag
  • Music programmed and produced by - Tanishk Bagchi
  • Music Supervisor -Azeem Dayani
  • Mixed and mastered by - Eric N. Pillai
  • Choreographers - Piyush-Shazia 
  • Mixed and mastered by - Eric pillai ( future sound of Bombay )
  • Asst. Mix Engineer - Michael Edwin Pillai
  • Dialogue redubbed by Richa Sharma
  • Online Promotion - Net Media


Duniyaa… aa…. Duniyaa… aa…. Duniyaa… aa….
Duniyaa… aa…. Duniyaa… aa…. Aaa…….
(World … aa…World…aa…World … aa … World …
aa … World … aa… Aaa…)
Tuney Aankhon Se pilayi daru pee jaungi
(I will drink the wine you gave me)
Kaisey ghar jaungi Yehi gir jaungi
(how will i go home i will fall here)
Me to kali hu tu chuega to khil jaungi
(I am a bud if you touch me I will bloom in to flower
Teri ban jaungi
(I will be yours )
Tujhey mil Jaungi
( I will find you)

Ohh jab move karey tu Jab groove karey tu Lagti he
(When you move when you grove My world Stops)

Jawani teri Aafat
(Your youth is Killer)

Na to chal paungi
(I can not walk)
Na sambhal paungi
(or can I control)
Tu na bach payega
( If you can't save)
Me na bach paungi
(I can not save myself)
Tuney haath jo lagaya
(If you touch me )
Me to jal jaungi
(I will burn in to ashes)

Oh tu aag me paani
(O my Dear, you are Fire and I am water)
Kaha chali deewani
(Where do you go my lover)
Aa seene se lipat
(come and hug me)
(O my Dear, you are Fire and I am water
Where do you go my lover come and hug me )
Jawani teri Aafat
(Youth is Killer)

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