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Sinam Review - Behindwoods

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Sinam Review Behindwoods : Arun Vijay’s Sinam Turns Out To Be A Boring Investigation Thriller

  • Star Cast: Arun Vijay, Palak Lalwani, Vijayakumar
  • Director: Kumaravel

Though Director GNR Kumaravelan's previous film Wagah didn't do well at the box-office, movie buffs and critics still believed in him because of his brilliant screenplay in Haridas. Arun Vijay-starrer Sinam was filmed before four years and finally got released after a lot of hurdles on September 16, 2022. The trailer of the film was too good and raised the expectation among the audience, but was the film up to the mark? Lets find out.


Pari Venkat (Arun Vijay) is an honest and energetic Police Sub Inspector. He falls in love with Madhangi (Palak Lalwani) and marries her later without her parents permission as they are against it. Madhangi gives birth to a boy and they live happily. Due to his honesty, Pari faces a lot of problems with rowdies and some corrupt policemen. In such a situation, Madhangi informs him that she is coming to meet him. Pari is waiting for her but she didn't reach his place for a long time. At the same time the police department gets a call to investigate the suicide case of a husband and wife . Pari Venkat immediately rushes to the spot and gets shocked by seeing the dead bodies of his wife Madhangi and an unknown middle-aged man, together. He gets frustrated and immediately comes to a conclusion that this is a brutal murder and not suicide. Pari Venkat starts his investigation to identify the murderer and the details of the man who got killed along with his wife. Whether he identifies the murderer or not is the crux of the story.


Arun Vijay, Kaali Venkat and Thamizh did a really great job with their promising performances. Arun Vijay's stereotype police look didn't work because in reality, it is difficult to find such a muscular police sub-inspector withsix-pack. Palak Lalwani failed to score with her performance. Her lip sync was pathetic and it distracts a lot 

What Worked And What Didn't

It's a murder mystery movie, which should get into its content atleast within 10-15 minutes from the start of the movie. But the director focused more on the template Hero-build-up scenes, typical 100 years old romantic love segments and the boring family issues. Then the director slowly gets into the real story of the film and by that time, the audience gets tired when Pari Venkat starts his investigation about the murder. And he finds the murderer without any interesting twists and turns in the screenplay. The director just tries to convey a message without working hard to bring more interesting elements on the table for the audience.

Technical Aspects

Gopinath's Cinematography was neat and perfect. Shabir scored well with his background music but failed to impress with the songs. The film missed its much needed pace at the very beginning and editing is the main reason for this. But what an editor can do without a good screenplay and enough interesting scenes to play with. On the other hand, too many cliché dialogues spoiled the mood of an investigation thriller.


If you have time and money to spend, you can go for it. Otherwise please stay away from this so-called murder mystery Sinam.

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