Barrister Babu 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Have You Checked Barrister Babu 27 July 2021 Written episode updates On, If You Are Unable To Get Today Barrister Babu full Episode Promo with written update 27.07.2021 then dont have to worry about it  here we are providing Barrister Babu written update of 27th July 2021. 

 The episode begins with Anirudh dropping Bondita at the train station. She thinks this is my last chance to knock on her heart.

Barrister Babu 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update

She runs back and asks why you laughed today, tell me, people get angry and hate such thing, why do you smile, will you tell me, you never answered me. He says you will get your answer today.

She asks the truth. He says yes, I will tell you my feelings today. She asks him to say it.
 He says I did not laugh at you, I remembered something. She asks who did you miss. He says your train will be missed, come I will drop you. She says I can’t go without knowing that the train is missed, who is it that you thought about, your smile has returned, I will scold my parents, okay, tell me who is the person you missed, you tell me Won’t answer, okay.

He asks will you be my friend. She asks what did you say. He asks will you be my friend. She holds his hand. She says guys, I will not leave your hand if you say, I am your best friend, you can share anything with me, even about Bondita.
Thakura comes there. Bondita looks at her. She turns. Thakur leaves. Bondita says I will go, thanks for friendship. He says you have to catch the train by running. She goes.

At her home, she mimics Anirudh and smiles. She says Anirudh was laughing thinking about Bondita, he was going to take Bondita’s name, well, he can’t hide his feelings now, I have become his friend now, I will take him to his Bondita. would go. She imagines a romantic moment with Anirudh. They play piano. He puts her picture on the family pic wall. He asks for coffee.

She says I will get it. He stops her and keeps her with him. He says I love you very much. He hugs her. they dance. Bondita closes her eyes and dances alone in her room. Chandrachud looks at her and thinks why she is dancing crazy alone, she is being very happy for few days, I have to find out.

Trilochan chooses clothes for himself. He says I have to fix Anirudh’s relation with Vaijanti. Bihari says she is good, but Bondita…. Trilochan shouts at him. He gets ready. Bihari says no one can replace Bondita. He prays to Durga Maa to get Bondita back.
Sampoorna says I found fruits and sweets kept in the car. She says Vaijanti has come, once her parents agree for this alliance, we will get them married. Bondita worries and thinks they are fixing Vaijanti and Anirudh’s relationship, what will I do now. She says I cannot do this marriage.

Trilochan laughed. He says you are shocked, why can’t you get married. Sampoorna asks do you not like Anirudh. Bondita says I didn’t think anything like that, how can I marry her.

 Trilochan says good valued girls don’t think, elders think of alliance, I am going to meet your parents. She says no use, my parents went out for few days, did you ask Anirudh, he says marriage should be with mutual consent.
 Trilochan says whenever I talk about his marriage he runs away, you find out his feelings, he gets angry on you and then listens to you, you try to find out. Huh.

 Bondita says I am trying to find out, I mean I will try, she is very arrogant. He says okay, think. She thinks thank god, I reached on time and stopped them.

Bihari says Anirudh will never obey, Bondita is in his heart, he had promised her. His wife says I think Anirudh has forgotten all his promises after their enmity, they will agree to marry Vaijanti. Bihari says he will never agree. Bondita thinks that Anirudh will now have to answer whether he will marry Vaijanti, if he says no to Vaijanti, it means yes to Bondita.
Trilochan asks did you think anything. Bondita says yes, I will talk to her. He laughs and leaves. She thinks it is difficult for Anirudh to speak. She prays. She goes to Anirudh. Anirudh talks to the men about the fencing competition.
 He says that no one will go home, stay here in guest house, eat food and come for practice. The men leave. She says you did not ask me to stay back as you told them. He says your studies are complete, why did you come. She asks for you, report me to take proof that you have studied me. He types the certificate.

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