Barrister Babu 31th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Barrister babu 31 July 2021 written episode begins with trilochan asking vaijanti did Anirudh say sure or not. Bondita cries and nods. He laughs and says I need to go to your father to invite for the alliance, however, I m busy on this sword fighting opposition event, inform your dad that we are able to talk to him on the temple the next day, we’ll maintain ashirwad rasam quickly, we’ll announce your marriage on the occasion day.

read Barrister Babu 31th July 2021 Written Episode Update

He’s going. Chandrachur thinks to carry a watch on bondit with the help of going at a deeper station. Anirudh remembers trilochan’s phrases. Trilochan comes and says you stored my phrase. Bondita thinks how can anirudh do this. The person is going to chandrachur and says trilochan goes to announce Anirudh’s marriage with that south Indian lady. Chandrachur says to acquire extremely good info,

you pleased me. He presents money and the gold chain. Bondita comes there. The person says she is vaijanti, Anirudh’s could be spouse. Chandrachur turns to see. He says I would like to satisfy her, permit’s see who’s she, who has managed Anirudh, I should get her kidnapped from the mandap and take her to thakumaa, I can make Anirudh do some factor I would like. He is going to see her face. A procession passes. Chandrachur misses her. The person says everybody’s face got gulaal proper right here. Chandrachur slaps him. Bondita comes home.

She cries. Bondita asks how can Anirudh conform to marry vaijanti. She talks to her inside self in vaijanti’s avatar. She cries and says I m feeling really unhealthy. Vaijanti says how does it rely on, we both are equal. Bondita says however anirudh doesn’t know it, how can he marry anybody else. Vaijanti says he won’t ever say sure to anyone else. Bondita asks genuinely. Vaijanti says certain, he merely loves his bondita. Bondita says he’s merely mine. Vaijanti says nice, he’s mine also. Bondita asks on whose aspect are you, I m crying, I m involved, you’re making enjoyable of me, you’re my mirrored image. Vaijanti says I’ll hearken to you. Bondita says I’m capable of in no way discuss to Anirudh.

he gave my vicinity to vaijanti, i’ll run away earlier than marriage and not show my face to him ever, let some factor happen. She sits crying. Vaijanti says I m sure that there can be a model-new morning for this relation. In the morning, sampoorna maintains the sarees and jewellery for shagun rasam. Trilochan says no, at least 21 sarees and 11 necklaces, get the rasgulla candies for all of the guests. She says positive. Anirudh asks whereby is vaijanti. Sampoorna says she had no relation with you before, she is going to meet you at the temple now.

Anirudh goes. Trilochan says look at him, he used to get irritated with her before, now he’s so completely satisfied. Anirudh goes out and says she has no cellphone on her phone, what can a person do when he has to talk. Bihari comes. He says I m not glad listening to your and vaijanti’s marriage info, sorry. He goes. Anirudh recollects and says she is from pritampura village. Tapur asks don’t it’s important to go to the courtroom these days. Bondita says no.

Thakumaa asks are you effective. Bondita says I’ve a couple of headaches. Tapur goes to get tea. Sumati says i’ll do hair massage. Bondita says no want. Thakumaa asks her to get hair oil carried out. Chandrachur says the next day, after the annual sword fighting event, Anirudh is marrying vaijanti, it’s suitable they might rejoice within the marriage after dropping within the competitors. He thinks vaijanti will be kidnapped. Bondita sits unhappily. Sumati says there may be gulaal to your hair. Bondita says I don’t recall, I’ve a headache, I m going to leisure.

Chandrachur thinks bondita wasn’t there, is bondita associated with vaijanti. Anirudh comes to vaijanti’s home. The woman asks who’re you. He says I m Anirudh, I want to meet vaijanti. She says welcome, you can’t meet her now, dad and mother took Akka to {the marketplace}, it’s her marriage in some days, you would meet her throughout the temple at shagun rasam time. He thanks her and goes. Bondita will get equipped. Chandrachur comes and thinks i ought to meet vaijanti and uncover if she is aware of bondita. He sees the banner, vaijanti weds Prabhat.

He says vaijanti is marrying Anirudh. The individual says no, she is marrying Prabhat. Chandrachur checks the marriage invite and thinks one thing incorrect is happening, I m not in a position to apprehend. Bondita argues alongside together with her modify self vaijanti. Bondita says I’ll give up the whole thing right now,

I’m in a position to inform Anirudh that I m bondita, how he broke my contemplate. She leaves. Vaijanti says your relation with Anirudh will get examined after which come to be extra sturdy, it’s going to continuously be one. Chandrachur involves bondita’s room. He says it’s going to link bondita to Anirudh and vaijanti. He exams your entire room. He receives vaijanti’s clothes. He says why does bondita have this Tamil language ebook, it method my doubt changed into correct, bondita is vaijanti, anirudh made her away, even then she goes to tulsipur as vaijanti,

anirudh and actual vaijanti don’t acknowledge this actuality. He receives the letter. He thinks vaijanti changed into unwell, so bondita went there as vaijanti, now simply bondita and that I acknowledge this actuality, she performed a big recreation, i can play the game with you and anirudh now. He laughs. Anirudh thinks to meet vaijanti and inform his emotions. Bondita is on the method. She thinks I’ve to tell anirudh that bondita is vaijanti.

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