Bigg Boss OTT: Akshara Singh openly threatened, got furious, said- ‘Tard denge’ I have brought a lot of power.

Known as the most controversial show of the small screen, Bigg Boss is being shown on OTT platforms this time even before it airs on TV. Bigg Boss OTT is getting a lot of headlines as soon as it starts.

This time in Bigg Boss, from the very first day, fierce debate and verbal riots are being seen between the family members. This time Akshara Singh, the superhit actress of Bhojpuri film industry, has also participated in Bigg Boss show.

After creating panic with her performance and her beauty, Akshara will now win the hearts of her fans through Bigg Boss OTT.

This time the fans also got to see the angry avatar of the smiling Akshara. In the recent episode, he was seen very hyper and he narrated it fiercely to everyone.

During this, Akshara also lost her temper and threatened the rest of the contestants. Actually Akshara is the first female captain of the house and she is getting the family members to follow the rules strictly.

According to the live feed of August 12, Akshara was seen shouting a lot at Nishant Bhatt and heard fiercely. Let us tell you that Nishant said something to Akshara, which made her more angry about the order and she became furious.

Akshara said- ‘We are also maintaining friendship. No one can talk over my head. We’re talking. If there is an anxiety attack, we will tear everyone from the middle. Explain? I have brought a lot of strength.

Seeing Akshara angry, Shamita Shetty and Prateek try a lot to pacify her but the actress says out of her mind, ‘However big a cannon you are, we don’t know. No one is my father here. No one will tell me what to do and what not to do.

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