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Elisabeth Jordán is a television actress born on 26 August 1983 in Cartagena, Spain. (Indiadailybuzz – Entertainment ) (elisabethjordan.tk) Elisabeth Jordán started her television journey with the then-popular TV show Popstars, todo por un sueño, the Spanish version of Popstars.

( in this article, we have given some information after reading Elisabeth Jordán’s web official ) After never being nominated for an exclusion, she won and joined the bellepop band. After recording an album with Bellepop and Touring, she joined the television series Un Paso Adelante and the band Upa Dance.


Elisabeth Jordan Web Oficial


Elisabeth Jordán is a Spanish actress, best known for  Un paso adelante (2002), El verano ya llegó (2004) and El verano de tu vida (2005).

Elisabeth Jordán : Bellepop 

Bellepop was a Spanish pop music girl group composed of five contestants from the 2002 Spanish TV show, Popstars. The group included Elizabeth Jordan, Norma Alvarez, Davinia Arquero, Marta Mancilla, and Carmen Miriam Jimenez.

Elisabeth Jordán : Un paso adelante (2002)

Un Paso Adelante (One Step Forward) was a Spanish TV drama similar to the American 1980’s TV series of fame. Un Paso Adelante was mainly broadcast on the Spanish channel Antena 3 from 2002 to 2005 at that time.

The show was successful in Spanish-speaking countries (including Latin America), in Germany (where it was called Dans – der Traum vom Ruhm), Italy (where it was renamed Paso Adelante), Serbia, Montenegro (where it was Is. Re- titled Korc Napred) and in France (where it was renamed Un, Dos, Tres).

The show began airing on Series+ in Canada in the year 2011.

Elisabeth Jordán’s popularity began to grow rapidly after working on the show Un Paso Adelante.

Choreographer: Luca Yexi (Season 1+2) Anna and Carlos Infante (Season 3+4) Miriam Benedité (Season 5+6)

The show focused on the professors and students of Carmen Arrange, one of the most prestigious schools in Spain at the time.

This school is located in Madrid. The story follows Lola, Pedro, Robert, Zero, Ingrid, Sylvia, and Marta. He wants to become a successful singer, dancer, and actor, but he realizes that the road to fame is not that easy.

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