Udaariyaan 28th July 2021 episode Written Update

Udaariyaan 28 July 2021 written Update : Let’s talk about today’s episode of serial Udriyaan After watching yesterday’s episode in serial Udriyaan, the audience was very sad because the way Jasmine and Fateh are cheating on their partner was really painful.

Udaariyaan 28 july 2021
 Let me tell you that the viewers of this show do not want to see this at all.
Now let’s talk about today’s episode where both Jasmine and Fateh are going towards a new dream.

And unaware of this, what is the reality behind them is Jasmine who has forgotten that she is attracting her own sister’s (Tejo) husband towards her. She calls Fateh and forces her to meet him.
Fateh says okay I will meet, now let me tell you that both of them are going to meet in front of the mall, here both of them have not told anything to their family. What does Fateh tell Tejo that he is going to meet his sister, so Fateh lies to Tejo that he is going to Chandigarh for urgent work but Tejo has a little doubt on him why he didn’t tell her earlier about this. In.

Here when Tejo is going to college there is Jasmine on the way she is stuck in a jam and she is sitting in a car as soon as she speaks to clear the jam she sees from afar that Tejo is coming now Tejo Jasmine gets scared seeing her and she tries to hide inside the car but when Tejo comes near that car, she sees that a dupatta is stuck outside the car, she says madam, you should do it inside and this time Tejo She sees Jasmine.

She tells him that Jasmine what are you doing here and why are you hiding. Jasmine gets very scared seeing Tejo and pretends that she has come here for some work. Jasmine tries to fool Tejo again.

 Although Fateh is not there in that car, now it has to be seen whether Tejo will understand all this stupidity of Jasmine and whether Jasmine’s bhanda will explode with Tejo. Stay connected with us for the latest written updates of Udriyaan.

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